Legendary place, very popular

Lion Rock Piha Beach

This place is a must visit!

Lion Rock Piha Beach

Looking for something special? We recommend you visit this place! It is shrouded in the legend of an ancient Maori tribe. Extremely picturesque and interesting. We offer a trip fully provided by a professional guide who knows their business.

Take a look at the pictures! This breathtaking panoramic view at any time of the year. In spring, the place shines with freshness and greenery of waking up nature. In summer you can swim in the warm waters and enjoy the pleasant sun. In the autumn, the trees are covered with stunning purple colour. And in the winter this place becomes mysterious and inaccessible. We recommend this trip to lovers of romance and adventure.

Travel features

Hiking 10 km.

Nice walk

Panoramic views

Incredible view

Swimming in the ocean

Grab a swimsuit!

Picnic in nature

Snacks in the open air

Cost up to $ 430

Reasonable price

No age limit

Take the children


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